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Recruitee & Member Requirements

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 6:10 pm
by Kwa Zulu
What do we ask of members joining “The Graduates”?

- 5M SP minimum for qualified Eve University graduates & those sponsored by current TGRAD members
- 50M SP minimum for other Qualified PvP pilots.
- At least 6 months in game
- Participate in PvP activities
- No scamming, smacking, pirating, botting or high-sec ganking
- A positive, friendly, and mature attitude
- Expected to be polite and helpful to any member of TGRAD at ALL times
- No offensive and/or foul language, bad behavior or illicit content
- Expected to use Mumble when playing
- Expected to use Discord
- Expected to create an extra Alpha account for alliance PVP purposes
- Apart from the above, TGRAD members are asked to contribute to the corporation, but we have a relaxed policy on how